Marcel Thomas works as a professor of physical humor to the drama school El Galliner at Girona for 8 years. Apart from these classes also does intensive physical humor in some theaters for thator for some schools, especially in France is a formula that has worked well to bringtheater to young people. We have also carried out in various municipalities inCatalonia, Saragossa and Finland and has been very well received. The courses are designed according to the number of hours available to the organizerand the age at which it is directed.

Marcel Tomas, director, actor, creator and teacher has worked mainly in theater, professionally with his company Cascai the past 11 years.

It has also supplemented her theatrical activity participation as an actor in television series such as Laberint d’Ombres, Temps de silenci, Carballo i more recently in Física o Química and Los Crímenes de Laura.

As a teacher has developed its activity in El Galliner, School of Theatre and occasionally at intensive courses taught in Galicia, Madrid, France and Finland. From autumn 2010 will offer intensive weekend INTERPRETATION TO THE CAMERA, these courses will work in the Interpretation for the cinema or television. Students wishing to enroll must send a resume and according to their profile will beawarded scenes to be prepared before the course starts. During the course of interpretation errors will be corrected and will give students some tools to deal successfully with the interpretation of the character. The scenes are taxed on video and watch to analyze and correct them. Audiovisual material generated will be released and delivered to the student, upon completion of the course, so you can useas promotional material, place it in your videobook, etc.

The course dates are published on the web, if anyone wants more information can send an email to