• El Comediant

    (Català) El comediant, l’últim espectacle de Marcel Tomàs -clown, mim, actor polifacètic, showman, cantant i pillastre- és, com ell mateix, un fantàstic Totum revolutum, un ingeniós i divertidíssim espectacle.


    Trams es humor, es música, es teatro de objetos, es imaginación, es cabaret, es clown, gesto, histrionismo, poesía, crítica y reflexión al mismo tiempo, es divertimento, es Marcel Tomàs en estado puro, y ustedes se preguntarán, ¿Quién es Marcel Tomàs?

  • La Banda del Teflon

    Son ellos, son tres. De dónde vienen y hacia dónde van ? No se sabe pero allí están. Esperan alguna cosa pero no pasa nada y pasan muchas cosas a la vez. Tienen conflictos que resuelven de manera delirante provocando un gran terremoto y desencadenando un desastre total.

  • El Pillo

    (Català) Un cantant de cabaret en hores baixes es converteix en El pillo per sortir de l’embolic. Música, gest i teatre d’objectes al servei de l’humor més boig.


    Marcel Tomàs, one of the best clowns in the country, takes his inspiration from the Hotot rabbits, calm but with a lot of personality and unpredictable, to create a modern cabaret, showing off the best of his ability to empathise with the audience, using heartfelt, poetic and mischievous humour.

  • Zirocco

    SIROCCO is an African wind with all Mediterranean affectations and it rouse sudden character changes. ZIROCCO contains the spirit and is the last solo show by Marcel Tomas (Cia Cascai), one of the best clowns in the country.

  • Living Costa Brava

    Living Costa Brava, is a humour spectacle, does not respond to the touristy standards and it is inspired in people who lives in the coast who have developed a very genuine world after the same routings and customs throughout the years, and those people are the ones who make move this huge machine.

  • l’Home Incomplet

    A peculiar personage is going to stop to a theater or any other space, or the multipurpose or alternative social premises, have been with his friend, and it has said to him “I am going to give a surprise to you”, but the surprise takes himself, when het discovers to a public is watching him.

  • Peter & the Captain

    Peter and the Captain, is a dialogue in two bands, in the context of an interrogation, and the relationship between an interrogator and a prisoner, not on the same Benedetti dramatizes the clash between a monster and a saint, but two men, two beings of flesh and blood, with both On vulnerabilities and points of resistance.

  • Made In Xina

    In the back door of some place histrionic, persons work as quality controllers of products which come from China. An unionist, an ex-boxer, a scholarship holder, and the one in charge live and work,… they work and they have diferent relationships between them,they share dreams and fantasies within this varied and strident world making an effort to be better, fulfilling the instructions of a very angry chinese.

  • Le Paradis

    A place, a space, three autochthonous ones and a stranger. They speak to us about friendship, love, loneliness, respect, tenderness, etc. Only it is a history but explained in a different way, mixing the humor and the mask, the game and the complicity.

  • Cascai

    Cascai: Mediterranean remedy. When taken in small doses it relieves pain: toothache, pain in the bones, stomach ulcers, foggy days, “bad mood”, “bunions”, etc. When taken in excess it affects the nervous system, it transforms reality: you see things which don’t exist.