Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret created Cascai Teatre Company in 1998.
We have developed several shows of our creation, opting for a language-based humor and work gesture.

Our shows are not great speeches but histrionic characters, grotesque and obsessive. Clowns modern, which have lost the red nose and colorful clothes, have humanized and part of our society. They are an elite of imperfect beings we constantly strive to be better people, but they were born to be losers. Antihero by nature, survive the day.
In this way in 2001 and in 2002 we performing L’Home Incomplet (The Incomplet man), and Cascai, theatre monologues. In 2004 we produced Le Paradis, a show based with a mask work and the visual poesy.
In 2005 and 2006 Living Costa Brava and Made In Xina, shows with a big trajectory and very good critics, they are turned and participated in a Festivals from Spain, France, Italia, Cuba, Belgium, Portugal and Tunisia.
In 2010 we started a trilogy called THE TOTAL SHOWMAN and we presented Zirocco a comedy show based on gestural humor, clown contemporizing, mixing video, music and cabaret. In 2012 created Hotot which obtained a big success and finally in 2014 we closed with El Pillo.
In 2015 we present a new show La Banda del Teflón. Three crazy characters speak about the life, the world as a child. However, they say great truths.

In 2017, we presented Trams. The show contains the essence of the company and Marcel’sTomas creative experience in a street, electric, amazing and funny show.
Currently, Marcel Tomas are working in a new creation, The Comedian that will be present in autumn in Girona Festival Temporada Alta.

With another way Cascai Theater beguines to work in our creation laboratory and we are organized a meetings with a different professionals, the result was an show project Els Malaguanyats, l’elit dels Perduts, the short film Excuse me …Sorry and the web short films La Banda de Marcello.

The text theater.
Cascai Teatre olso works with a theater tex. We are produced Nou-cents el pianista de l’oceà (Neigh Hundred the pianist of the Ocean), from Allessandro Baricco, (1999) and En Pere i el Capità (Peter and the Capitan ) from Mario Benedetti (2008).

We like doing what we believe in and we believe in what we are doing.