Actor, director, creator and performer working in cinema, television and theater. I founded the company Cascai Teatre together with Susana Lloret. I trained at schools such as El Galliner in Girona, El Timbal in Barcelona, ​​Institut del Teatre and also with specialization courses in Italy (Comedia dellArte and Comicitat with Antonio Fava and Carlo Bosso), France (Pierre Pilat, Avner, and Michael Laeceq) and England (Philipe Gaullier).

With Cascai Teatre I have created theatrical projects, 14 of which I have created myself, focusing on research and the contemporaryization of the different disciplines of humor with the aim of creating a current and own language on stage. These shows are: Novecento the Ocean Pianist (monologue), Cascai, The Incomplete Man, Le Paradis, Living Costa Brava, Peter and the Captain, Made in China, Zirocco, Hotot, El Pillo, La Banda del Teflón, Sections, Seafarers, The Comedian, Novecento the Ocean Pianist (with a jazz quartet), Shakespeare and The Colors of Duke Ellington.

My shows are always hybrids as they incorporate different stage disciplines at the service of humor, such as music, object theater, audiovisual, mime, clown, dance and audience participation. I fused different registers on stage to create my own language, with a clear influence of Jacques Lecoq’s French school and Philipe Gaulier’s English school. Starting from more technical aspects of disciplines such as the clown and the jester, this clumsy character capable of creating comic situations of small daily accidents causing great tragedies.

With Cascai Teatre I have created, directed and starred in 17 productions that have toured in both Catalan and Spanish territory, participating in festivals such as Ciudad Rodrigo Theater Fair (Castilla León), Araia Humor Festival (Basque Country), Contemporary Theater Festival of Alicante (Valencia), Winter Festival of Santurce (Basque Country), Nocte Graus (Aragon), Comedians of Alfaro (La Rioja), Theater Show of Pasaia (Basque Country), Fest Sevilla (Andalusia), Winter Festival of Cantabria, Semana Grande de Bilbao (Basque Country), Madrid Clown Festival, among others. I have also participated in renowned International Festivals such as Avignon Festival (France), Humorologie (Belgium), Sierra de Montemuro Festival (Portugal), Almada Festival (Portugal), Imatra Festival (Finland), Les Estivales de Perpignan (France), Ancona Children’s and Youth Festival (Italy), Verona Christmas Festival (Italy), Saint Esteve Christmas Festival (France), among others.

I have received several national and international awards such as the UNIM BBVAA AWARD for Best Show, Best Actor, also the Award for Best Show of the Santa Eugenia de Mallorca Show, the Coup de Foudre de les Estivales de Perpignan Award among others.

I have combined my work in theater with television and film participating in different television series and movies. In cinema, as the most outstanding works, I have starred in the comedies Passi el que passi (2011) and Dos a la Carta (2014) directed by Robert Bellsolà, in addition to numerous short films. In television series I have participated as a supporting actor in Com si fos ahir (TV3 2018), El Cor de la Ciutat (TV3 2014), Aída (Antena3, 2011), El Barco (Tele5, 2011), Los Misterios de Laura (tv1, 2010), Física o Química (Tele5, 2010), Carballo (Tele5, 1997), Temps de Silenci (TV3, 2000) y Laberint d’Ombres (TV3, 1998) among others. During 2018, I worked as a voice actor at the Audio Projecte la Garriga studios, putting on documentaries and TV3 mini-series.

As a pedagogue I have been a teacher at the El Galliner theater school in Girona for 19 years and at ERAM at the University of Girona for 6 years. I have also offered specialized courses as monographs internationally: France (Perpignan, within the programming of the Festival Les Estivales), Theater del Etang Saint Esteve, Finland Festival Imatra, Belgium Festival Humorologie, Italy to Castelnuovo del Garda and Ancona, Tunisia and Cuba.

For 5 years I have been carrying out a collaboration program with different social entities, to use my experience in the pedagogical field of theater as a tool for the development and integration of groups at risk of social exclusion. So, I’m currently working on a project at the Baix Empordà Mental Health Center (Platja d’Aro), specifically in two groups related to addictions and toxicology. And through the Gironès County Council, I work in the youth centers of Cassà de la Selva, Salt and Llagostera.