The Comedian: clown, mime, versatile actor, a fantastic totum revolutum, an ingenious and fun show. He does humor, music, object theater, live improvisations, power of imagination and histrionics for fun, but also moments of poetry, criticism and reflection with a great sense of humor faithful to the best cabaret tradition. Everything at the service of the public who, without knowing it, becomes the true protagonist of the show Tomàs, a versatile and atypical artist who in this show vindicates the purest sense of the show and his ability to amaze, surprise and make everyone who sits in the stalls. Never better said, on stage and at your service, a rogue and a man with a sequin jacket included.

Creation: Marcel Tomàs i Susana Lloret
Direction and performer: Marcel Tomàs i Toni Escribano
Assistant director and performer: Toni Escribano
Photography: Marcel Asso / Quim Puig
Graphic design: Pablo Paz / Mònica Valentí
Sound and light: Gerard Canadell

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