Cascai Teatre and Girona Jazz Project present a show where theater and music come together to bring the world of jazz closer to all audiences. In the hands of one of the great composers, directors and performers in the history of jazz, Duke Ellington, we present a theatrical concert, where a band of nine musicians and two actors will propose a musical journey through the history of jazz, all passing through the humorous universe of Marcel Tomàs who, in addition to acting as master of ceremonies, will perform, together with the musicians, choreographies, comic sketches and songs. All in the service of a fun and hilarious show with an impeccable soundtrack and the invaluable participation of the public.

On stage we will take a musical journey through different jazz styles from its beginnings in the early twentieth century to the present day. Some of the musical themes that will be part of the show’s repertoire are: Take the “A” Train, In a sentimental Mood, It don’t mean a thing, Rockin ‘in a Rhythm, Caravan or Perdido, with arrangements of ‘Adrià Bauzó and Xavier Molina.

This show is a co-production of the Girona Jazz Project and Cascai Teatre, premiered on 1st November 2021 at the Teatre El Canal in Salt as part of the Temporada Alta Festival.

Creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs
Musical direction: Xavier Molina and Adrià Bauzó
Choreographic advice: Marta Ribera
Production: Susana Lloret
Communication: Irene Vila
Cast: Marcel Tomàs, Toni Escribano, Xavi Molina, Adrià Bauzó, Jordi Casas, Tomàs Pujol, Aleix Cansell, Raúl Gallego, Albert Clapés, Raúl Pérez and Pablo Martín
Light design: Gerard Canadell
Sound design: Carles Xirgo
Photography and graphic design: Marcel Asso
Co-production: Girona Jazz Project, Cascai Teatre and Temporada Alta

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