Marcel Tomàs, one of the best comedians in the country, presents his new solo show HOTOT. Tomás, a virtuoso of the comic gesture, presents a show of total humor, unpredictable and surprising. A modern cabaret where he performs, sings and dances. Hotot is mostly a comedy theater, performed by a great performer. Marcel Tomàs shows the side of showman, master of ceremonies, exploiting his great ability to connect with the public through a tender, poetic and shameless humor.

Released at the Temporada Alta festival in Girona in 2012. He has toured Catalonia and Spain in 2013. He has won the 2013 Unnim BBVA Award for Best Show and Best Actor 2013. He has also won the Special Audience Award at the Mostra de Teatre de Girona. Santa Eugènia, Mallorca. He has participated in both national and international festivals of great prestige, including FESTIVAL OF HUMOR OF ARAIA, FESTIVAL ALTITUDES OF THE SIERRA DE MONTEMURO (PORTUGAL), FESTIVAL OF CASTELNUOVO DEL GARDA (ITÀTIA), FIRA DEL CIRC DE LA BISBAL, MERCÈ DE BARCELONA, COS DE REUS FESTIVAL, FESTIVAL SEVILLE, among others. It has also been presented at the Teatro Alfil in Madrid, where it plans to return in 2014. It will also be presented in Zaragoza (Teatro del Mercado) and Teatre del Mar in Palma de Mallorca and will tour Catalonia with the Xarxa Transversal and Spain.


Marcel Tomàs squanders talent, sympathy, freshness and boldness, dominates the gesture, the tempo of the gag and puts the audience in his pocket since he made his appearance on stage. Thomas is the classic clown who has lost his red nose and big shoes but retains his naivete, mischief, spontaneity, ability to play and improvise, his naughty spirit and even hooligan at times, his need to communicate and connect with the public, that way of looking that, rather than seeing us, what it seeks is for us to look at it, and for whom laughter is not an end but a means. In Hotot there are absurd, improbable, absurd situations, but in any case it tells above all how it is told, how the situation has been created and how it is resolved, above what is told. The basis of humor is how and not what. And there, Marcel Tomàs reaches an outstanding level. His characters feed on enthusiasm, never giving up on discouragement even if everything goes wrong. They do not look for problems, but they are constantly found. And Marcel Tomàs is decidedly brilliant, absolutely precise in his gesture and in the measure of the times, funny and charming in his direct relationship with the public.
Joaquín Melguizo. Herald of Aragon.

With Hotot, Marcel Tomàs puts the public in his pocket. Know how to make Thomas. A great showman.
Laura Iglesias.

“Marcel Tomàs invents situations with a single gesture. Hotot includes one of the craziest road movies I’ve ever seen. Humor with overflowing talent. Mercè Sibina. Journalist.

“A montage steeped in humor, talent and a prodigious mastery of the body of the classics of the genre” Dani Chicano. Journalist.

Histrionic, agile, highly entertaining in a total interpretive delivery.
Assumpta Pérez. Journalist.

Deployment of all his knowledge in the field of humor and extraordinary mastery of the stage. A humor that with its movements, gestures and smiles reaches extraordinary levels. When he wants he can be Tati or de Funes, but in between also Chaplin. The mixture of the 3 geniuses join Marcel Tomàs. They have served as his inspiration and in the faith that he has learned the lesson, step by step he has gone up to a point that amazes us. Well Marcel !!! Pere García. Theatrical chronicler and journalist of the Being.
Is it worth it. I saw her yesterday, Tomàs is more perfect every day.
Guillem Terribes. Bookseller and culture agitator

Creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret
Performert: Marcel Tomàs
Management advice: Philippe Séré
Stage councilor: David Estany
Design, sound direction and technician: Albert Mosoll
Voic off: Txe Aranega
Lights: Jordi Salomó
Images and video edition: Antonio Sánchez and Carles Sánchez, Zinekuanon
Costume: Jean Pierre Belmondo
Graphic design: Juan Pablo Paz
Production: Cascai Teatre

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