Let’s play? It is a journey into the imagination of a girl who, fascinated with her game, will take us to discover a world full of fantasy where houses walk and live adventures, where a ship brings a revealing secret, where the sounds of the night can be transformed. in a forgotten melody.

It is a theatrical concert aimed at babies and their families, an experience where music and the senses will help awaken the curiosity of the youngest children (0 to 6 years old) and will make them enjoy a magical moment as a family. A concert that is heard, observed, felt and also played.

It is a project of the Ninnus Company, co-produced by Temporada Alta and Cascai Teatre.

Creation: Cia. Ninnus, Ingrid Codina i Guillem Geronès
Artistic direction: Íngrid Codina i Guillem Geronès
Acting direction: Marcel Tomàs
Musical direction: Cia. Ninnus
Cast: Karol Green, Pau Sánchez, Adrià Bauzó i Xavi Molina
Scenography: Íngrid Codina i Guillem Geronès
Photography: Marcel Asso
Video: Arian Botey
Communication: Irene Vila
Production: Susana Lloret (Cascai Teatre)

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