Four people and a bastard dog coexist in a residential association in less than 30 square meters. A musical entertainer, superman in afternoons and claquetista mornings, the life to the street tries to survive showing a great variety of its repertoire. An Inventor, new come, who confuses the speed with  bacon, is the person in charge to make  the great machine work, that in despite of the multiple damages, continues switching on each morning. A crazy Tuning  lives in the cellar where he has found his own world, and an old fashion Pretty Woman , who nobody knows exactly what her roll, she lives in the attic due to medical advice because the Mediterranean weather calms down her panic  attacks.

Antiheroes by nature, survive  day  by day.

Living Costa Brava, is a humour spectacle, does not respond to the touristy standards and it is inspired in people who lives in the coast who have developed a very genuine world after the same routings and customs throughout the years, and those people are the ones who make move this huge machine.

LIVING COSTA BRAVA, has been the fifth spectacle of the Cascai company, was released in November of 2005 in Girona within the Festival Temporada Alta, with a great success of critic and public. The spectacle has been of tour by several populations of Spain, and it has participate in the international encounter programmers Come & See, in the Nacional Teathe of Catalunya, also will participate in Festival Les Estivales de Perpignan, in the International Festival of Almada (Portugal), International Festival in Montemuro ( Portugal ), in the Festival de Humour de Araia (Basque Country), Festival de Alfaro (Rioja), in the Humor Festival of Torreelavega (Cantábria), in the Semana Grande de Bilbao, and olso in the Feria de Teatro de Ciudad Rodrigo (Castilla-León), in the Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tàrrega and in the International Festival Charley Rivel in Cornellà, and in the International Festival Cos of Reus. LIVING COSTA BRAVA has made state in different theatres of Spain, such as Teatre del Mar (Palma de Mallorca), Teatro del Mercado (Zaragoza), La Grada (Madrid), and in Sala Cero (Sevilla).
On July 2009 was presented in the FESTIVAL AVIGNON OFF 2009 in FRANCE

"A very original show, elementally based on the elaborate work of a clown, this production is very funny at the least, and at times absolutely hilarious.
'Living The Costa Brava' turns four characters into caricatures (...), who live out a miryad of interlinked relationships, in a microcosm in which they share their life with Snoopi, a fifth character who, although not physically present, is used to great effect in some of the sketches.(...)
All in all, this show vibrates with a rythm that flows at a measured pace and is superbly staged. Doors that open and close, characters that appear and disappear with millimetric precision... This all combines to take the audience through a series of comical situations at a sustained pace that will leave the spectator reeling with laughter.(...)
All sketches, gags and scenes are clearly designed to connect directly with the audience."
Heraldo de Aragón. Joaquin Melguizo. 5 setiembre 2008

The dreams, the necessity to look for the life, the desire to laugh or to cry, to invent and to dream, humanize the personages and we can see in them, or through them, a friend, a relative, a well-known, a neighbour… perhaps ourself.
The four offer an amusing humour spectacle, far from the easy joke. The humour of “Cascai Teatre” is pure surrealism passed through the sieve of intelligence, well done things, with it obtain that the spectator asks itself every minute, with permanent smile, “ what these crazy people will do now”. Its work is the result of a perfect synchrony, among other things, with the special effects, in addition to the ability to cause that when pressing a handle jumps a bottle or arises a pinch of water; and say ability because in scene there are no more technical resources than the hands to obtain the results by purely artisan procedures.
Salvador Enríquez . Noticias Teatrales Madrid. Octubre 2006

“Tomàs was able to find its manner clean to make, based the gestual theatre comic, the mood of what is absurd and its undeniable talent.”
“The talent of the company, (…) is shown of entry in the setting in scene: the neighbors of the building enter and salt cupboards where they live literally put, metaphor of the studies which are rented the summers in the coastal populations.”
“Living Costa Brava is a comic work that not renouncement to be analyzed with eye criticizes certain behavoirs of auchtones and recently arrived in a population tourist overcoat.”
“Work has brilliant moments, (…) a good spectacle.”
El Punt. Dani Chicano. November 21, 2005

“Big doses of comedian and surrealistic situations.”
Regió 7. Assumpta Pérez

Marcel Tomàs, excellent actor with a verbal expressiveness and (especially) gestual exceptional. (...) Nice entertaining spectacle with brilliant moments, with original scenic, attractive and agile composition, with excellent gags (especially visual).
Diari de Mallorca. Francesc Roger.

They are four demons, three boys and one girl, who cohabit in a residential set similar to shoes boxes shoes piled up on the others, in one cheer cacophony. It is the street artist, a rose water singer, to which would like to sleep calmly. It is the young night live man, that lives to the rate on techno, amuses itself making noise with his his motorbike till the end of the street, and it does not seem to do nothing else in his life, except about his stupidly laugh. He is simply, that puts all his heart to repair boiler and installations, in spite of good sense. It is depressive maniac woman, very histerical and provocative, that want the world turned surrounding to her, but is not able not even to control his dog. Ah yes, of course, also Snoopy. How can forget it, malevolent stupid insomne.
All this little world under the same roof, single can explode. And it explodes, inevitable. An avalanche of gags, a festival of sketg, a lot of sleeve effects…
Only the singer seems to be his head on shoulders, but will quickly lose his will trying to instil to his neighbors the elementary norms to live in community.
When the Girona’s company is puting on movement, there is not necessary to understand Catalan. Mainly considering that there is a good dose of improvisation. You laugh for, as much of the situations as of the special effects, and everything when seeing is made level the happiness that the four main actors share on the scene. A true moment of distension, beneficial as a processing of youth!
L’Independant. 30 juillet 2006

Director: Marcel Tomàs
Cast: Marcel Tomàs, David Estany, Toni Escribano and Susanna Lloret
Technical and sound editing: Albert Mosoll
Costumes: Jean Pierre Belmondo
Idea and Creation: Cascai Teatre