A music promoter brings together a group of musicians to form an orchestra that will turn out to be impossible… or not? The show is contextualized between the forties and fifties, based on the story of its protagonists: the resurgence of some professional musicians lost in times of discouragement. Picturesque characters, scoundrels, endearing, hustlers, sleazy and clumsy. Their small and everyday conflicts in the world of music, but at the same time universal, will reveal them to those who see them showing the miseries of humanity; conflicts that are always resolved in a humorous way. Comedians immersed in a creation process that will culminate with the presentation of the orchestra with a great party. A vibrant show, a celebration with a lot of humor to enjoy good live music and laugh with the family.

Premiere in autumn 2024 in the Girona’s Temporada Alta Festival.

Creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs
Musical direction: Xavier Molina and Adrià Bauzó
Choreographies: Marta Ribera
Production: Susana Lloret
Communication: Irene Vila
Cast: Marcel Tomàs, Toni Escribano, Xavi Molina, Adrià Bauzó, Jordi Casas, Joan Tomàs, Aleix Cansell, Raúl Gallego, Albert Clapés, Raúl Pérez and Pablo Martín
Light design: Gerard Canadell
Sound design: Xavier Llobet
Photography and graphic design: Marcel Asso
Video: Arian Botey
Co-production: Cascai Teatre and Temporada Alta