Surrealistic comedy show where Cascai Teatre continues working with modern clowns, those that no longer have a red nose and who have become an integral part of our society. The show describes the story of histrionic characters who work as quality controllers for products coming from China.

In the back door of some place histrionic, persons work as quality controllers of products which come from China. An unionist, an ex-boxer, a scholarship holder, and the one in charge live and work,… they work and they have diferent relationships between them,they share dreams and fantasies within this varied and strident world making an effort to be better, fulfilling the instructions of a very angry chinese. To his way they are efficient but they have been born to be losers.

A surreal comedy show.

It was released in november of 2006 on the Festival Temporada Alta in Girona, later has appeared in different catalan municipalities, it has participated in the Festival Internacional Les Estivales in Perpignan, and the next september will appear in the Fira de Teatre in Tàrrega, and the Festival de gesto in Esparraguera.

“The Cascai company brought the burlesque key with a spectacle removed from rim, colourful, been useful by excellent actors. A great burst of laughter refreshing.
J.M.C L’Indépendant (France)

“…in this environment of cartoon highly coloured where the sound effects do not miss, these peculiar actors are irresistible. Controlling the art of miming, skilful in grimaces expressive, revisiting the everlasting springs of the large clowns, the actors of the Cascai company caused the laughter of the public. A good moment of relaxation and a puff of good communicative mood to catalan way…”
J.M.C L’Indépendant (France)

Interpreter: Marcel Tomàs, David Estany, Carles Amarlrich and Susanna Lloret
Edition sound and image: Albert Mosoll
Costume: Jean Pierre Belmondo
Idea and creation: Cascai Teatre