Trams is humor, it is music, it is theater of objects, it is imagination, it is cabaret, it is clown, gesture, histrionics, poetry, criticism and reflection at the same time, it is fun, it is Marcel Tomàs in its purest form, and you will ask yourself, Who is Marcel Tomàs? Well, according to Joaquim Armengol, a theater critic, he is a rogue, a fabulous utopian actor, a perfect mime, a unique clown, a modern and delusional clown, an atypical showman, a disconcerting singer, a great improviser …, a great performer. Fernando Cahcón, theater critic of the 2 Sevillas says that it is a discovery within the performing arts, it is a compendium of many things: actor, showman, clown without a red nose, singer, a great improviser and, above all, a born communicator . Giant actor who wins over the public from the moment he steps on stage. A nice, hilarious guy who laughs at everything including himself and makes the audience the protagonist. Joaquín Melguizo del Heraldo de Aragón says that Marcel Tomàs is talent, sympathy, freshness and spontaneity… definitely brilliant. So, let the show begin! And as Eva Fernández, theater blogger, says, when Marcel Tomàs gets on the stage, time stops, the audience immerses themselves and surrenders to their universe and does not want the show to end.

Title: TRAMS
Company: Marcel Tomàs & Cascai Teatre
Creation: Marcel Tomàs i Susana Lloret
Direction and performance: Marcel Tomàs
Assistant director and interpreter: Toni Escribano
Photographie: Marcel Asso