A delirious show where the protagonists and the spectators will be trapped by the adventures of this universal novel. Friendship and freedom, a pacifist mockery that teaches us to fight for what we want without fear of being different. Enter and enjoy the stories that this wonderful madman gave us that in the end everyone ended up agreeing with him.

Creation: Marcel Tomàs y Susana Lloret
Artistic creation: Marcel Tomàs y Marta Ribera
Cast: Marcel Tomàs i Toni Escribano
BSO: Carles Serras
Musical performers: Aleix Cansell y Tomàs Pujol
Voice over: Pep Cruz
Light design: Gerard Canadell
Sound design: Carles Xirgo
Photography and graphic design: Marcel Asso
Communication: Irene Vila
Production: Susana Lloret

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