If you are a Shakespearean character you will have a thousand ways to die, kings, heroes, villains, traitors and lovers alike. Crossed lives and adventures so real and so current that they do not leave anyone indifferent. Marcel Tomàs passes through the filter of his particular creative universe some of the icons of the great playwright, he places them in modern times at the service of a hilarious show. A show where the protagonists enter and leave the scenes as if they had the power to travel through time. Theater inside the theater.

Creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret
Interpreters: Marcel Tomàs and Toni Escribano
Illumination: Gerard Canadell
Musical composition: Carles Serras
Photography and graphic design: Marcel Asso
Costume: Belmondo
Scenography: Dungi
Voice in Off: Txe Arana
Video: Arian Botey
Production: Cascai Teatre

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