Cascai: Mediterranean remedy. When taken in small doses it relieves pain: toothache, pain in the bones, stomach ulcers, foggy days, “bad mood”, “bunions”, etc. When taken in excess it affects the nervous system, it transforms reality: you see things which don’t exist.

Plenty of imagination, three quarters of humour, some spoonfuls of clown, half mime half showman: all this stuff filtered through the street theatre and the gremace theatre: we mix it all in a cocktail flask, we set it on a stage and thre you are: CASCAI.

Cascai was performed for the first time in May 2002 in Sala de Teatre La Planeta in Girona. Besides being taken on tour to different towns and villages all over Catalonia, Cascai has taken part in well-known theatre festivals in Catalonia, Spain and Europa such as Festival Humorologie in Belgium (2003), Festival del Teatri del Mondo in Itàlia( 2003), Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tàrrega (2002), Festival Temporada Alta in Girona (2002), Clown Internationa Festival in Madrid (2003), Encuentros TE VEO in Zamora (2003), Festival COS Reus (2003), Festival Festus in Torelló, Fira del Circ in La Bisbal, Festes del Pilar de Zaragoza, and has taken part in the programation in Teatre del Mar in Mallorca (2003).

“La Fortalesa has performed their brilliant mime show, CASCAI. This is a one-actor dumb show in which Marcel Tomàs stages a sort of animated cartoon, the protagonist being a young man who rescues his lover from the clutches of a brutal kidnapper.”
Pablo Rey, EL PAIS

“great versatility and talent to play both the main parts and the countless supporting ones (...)meticulousness in the way the actor has adapted himself to the music and to the light effects (...) I would like to congratulate him on the technique of the first part but I’d rather compliment him for the second one where he shows a vivid originality and a huge capacity to adjust to unexpected circumstances”
Alfons Gumbau, EL PUNT

“ (...) A frantic trip, almost psicotico, that a personage carries us to can pass from all except what tenia predicted. Cascai has very good elements but the basic one is its interpreter: Marcel Tomàs. Histrionico, expressive, with a control of the gesture and of the clown.. The actor squeezes to the last drop all the resources of the ones that arranges. His busqueda in every moment of the reactions of the spectator does that he be a dynamic piece and agil. Causing understanding without articulating neither a single word. “
Assumpta Pérez. Regió 7

“ Marcel Tomàs suffices alone to convert a mute spectacle in a joke trepidante. And it does it with the alone aid of an unlimited corporal expression and of facial infinity of registrations of irresistible humor. A gesticulation that honors the television drawings of all the life and the mute movies of a time imitating that primitive and amusing candor of its nonsensical funny and impossible histories. Delirious first part, and indisputable spontaneity and nice capacity of improvisation of the interpreter, to the second. Cascai a magnificent entertainment. “
Javier Matesanz. Diari de Balears

“ Is pampering, monolog, mute history of police and thieves with sonorous band, caricatura in movement, applauses enlatados and in direct, and enough things more. Film personages removed of the world of the cómic or of the cunning of the mute movies. To do theater does lack well little: some eyeglasses, some notes, a jacket and an I beep. It others it puts it the actor, and the public with desires of march. “
Emili Gené. Última Hora

“ It seems that it was Valdano the one that said of Romario that was an animated player of drawings. Marcel Tomàs is, in turn, an animated actor of drawings, or an animated drawing he himself. A catarata of expresividad, of faces, of energy, of communication, of versatility, of physical effort and of movement as the one that he unfolds since the principle to the end of the function. Cascai constitutes an expressive recital of his only interpreter and, al same time, an assembly very entertained and that maintains the complicity of the spectator ”
Francesc m. Rotger. Diario de Mallorca

Funny PRESS Spectacle of humor gestual, without text, amusing and of rhythm trepidante inspired in the animated drawings and mute movies of Charlot i Buster Keaton, that plays with the participation of the public.
Marcel Tomàs becomes a man orchestra, capable to explain with its body and its look not only all a history, but also an amusing animated and inanimate gallery of personages.
Punt de Venda. Octubre 2002

After the success of the Incomplete Man, La Fortalesa premieres this weekend Cascai, an amusing work without text of rhythm trepidante inspired in the animated drawings and in the mute movies. It codirected by Susana Lloret and Marcel Tomàs and interpreted alone by this I finalize, Cascai is a step but toward the absolute minimalism on the part of The Fortalesa, without no element in the scene and with the music and the sonorous effects as only allies of the actor. The history of Cascai begins in a concert of rock where the singer is found in a great ambiguous one. Marcel Tomàs interprets the protagonist (the good one, to understand us), but also the girl and the evil, and if does lack it is transformed into a fish. All this without a single word.
El Punt. X.Castillón. Mayo 2002

Authors and Direction: Susanna Lloret and Marcel Tomàs
Actor: Marcel Tomàs
Sound Editing: Agustí Rovira
Graphic Design: La Clofolla
Ilumination: Persona Maurici
Production: Cia. La Fortalesa