SIROCCO  is an African wind with all Mediterranean affectations and it rouse sudden character changes. ZIROCCO contains the spirit and is the last solo show by Marcel Tomas (Cia Cascai), one of the best clowns in the country.

Is a complete show, one actor play a lot of characters,  Marcel Tomàs is an extraordinary chameleon, he leads us in an imaginary and crazy world. Tomas is multiplied to represent all characters of a series of short stories in which humor is the main ingredient. An appearance of God, a person immersed in a party as a foreign body, or a rock concert are situations that happen at a dizzying speed, precise gesture drawn by this unique artist, who influenced by genre classics like Johnny Melvin, Rowann Atkinson, Jacques Tati, Michael Crawford and Jerome Deschamps.

Cascai claimed figure of modern clown who has lost his red nose, which has been humanized, imperfect and be loved fighting tirelessly to be a better person, but was born to be a loser, an antihero in nature.

Zirocco has won the award for Best Show 2010 CAFÉ TEATRO DE VALENCIA CIRCUIT, and the Special Jury Prize A SHOW MORE ORIGINAL. It has also obtained the second prize in the public COUP DE FOUDRE de les Estivales Perpignan.

The precision of his movements makes the public is his accomplice des a first time until the end.
Laughter broke out constantly and makes public the soundtrack of which feeds the mime.
Creates the comic gestures at breakneck speed, as if Marcel pursued a constantly changing world to infinity.
Marcel Tomàs laugh, surprises and shines.
Claude Delpey. Magazine Art Vues.Perpignan Août 2010

Creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs and Susana Lloret
Direction assistant: Philippe Séré
Technical and Sound direction: Albert Mosoll
Off voice: Piero Steiner
Technical and light direction: Jordi Salomó
Images and video: BSO video / Cascai Films
Video edition: Albert Mosoll
Costumes: Jean Pierre Belmondo
Graphic design: Juan Pablo Paz
Photography: La Clofolla
Production: Cascai Teatre