MARCEL TOMÀS founded his company Cascai Teatre with Susana Lloret in 1998, over these more than 25 years we have developed 19 shows, 16 of them are own created, betting on a language based on the renewal of the genres of humor classic and the creation of a universe of its own.

Our shows do not have great speeches but they do have funny characters, talkative, histrionic, pelican, shameless, reason-seekers, bar-wise, obsessive but at the same time tender and endearing. Modern clowns, who have lost their red noses and colorful clothes, have become humanized and part of our society. They are an elite of imperfect beings who are constantly struggling to be better people but have been born to be losers. Antiheroes by nature, survive the day to day.

In this sense, in 2001 and 2002 we premiered L’Home Incomplet, and El Cascai, theatrical monologues. In 2004 we delved into the work of larval mask and visual poetry with Le Paradís. Between 2005 and 2006 we created Living Costa Brava and Made In China, shows with a wide range and very good reviews, in addition to touring throughout Spain these shows, have also been present at festivals in France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Tunisia. In 2008 he opted for a change of record bringing to the stage Pere and El Capità, a dramatic text by Mario Benedetti.

In 2010 we started the trilogy of Showman Total presenting Zirocco, a gesture comedy show with small doses of text, multidisciplinary, tender and poetic that has been a great success both nationally and internationally. In 2012 we premiered Hotot a theatrical roadmovie, unpredictable and surprising. A modern cabaret. Finally, in 2014 we closed the trilogy with El Pillo.

In 2015 we returned to the trio format with La Banda del Teflón, three benefactors who speak like those who don’t play but tell great truths. In 2017 we moved our universe to street theater with Trams. In 2018 we presented El Comediant as a tribute to the craft of making people laugh that we are currently still filming. In 2019 Marcel Tomàs together with a jazz band brought to stages Noucents, the Pianist of the Ocean of Alessandro Baricco. A proposal that has received great praise from both critics and the public.

In 2020 A Certain Shakespeare, a comedy show inspired by the great icons of the English playwright, was created and premiered at the Girona’s Temporada Alta Festival. Then we opted for a large-format show, The Colours of Duke Ellington, premiered in 2021 in Temporada Alta. A theatrical concert, with nine musicians and two actors, that fuses jazz music and theater, aimed at all audiences. In 2023 we premiered A Certain Quixote at the Girona’s Temporada Alta Festival, a comedy that delves into the work of Cervantes and his entire universe of burlesque and chivalry. We have also teamed up with Cia. Ninnus and produced the show Let’s Play?, also premiered at Temporada Alta in the same year. It is a theatrical concert for the family audience where music and games are the protagonists. We are currently in the process of producing The Impossible Orchestra, a new large format show.

On the other hand, Cascai Teatre has set up meetings between professionals from its creative laboratory carried out between 2009, 2010 and 2013, from which the workshop Els Malaguanyats, L’Elit dels Perduts, the short film Perdonen… Disculpen and the webserie La Banda de Marcello.


AGT-Cristina Cervià 2022 Award for Best Show for The Colors of Duke Ellington. Marcel Tomàs has won the BBVA Unnim Antigues Caixes Catalanes 2013 Award for Best Actor and Best Show for Hotot. With Zirocco he has won as the best show at the Mostra de Santa Eugènia de Mallorca 2014 and Le Coup De Foudre at the Perpignan Summer Festival 2010. Also as the best show at the Circuit Sant Miquel in Valencia in 2008. With the L’Home Incomplet he has won as best small format show of Radio City of Valencia 2001. Award for Best Actor of the Girona Film Festival 2018 as the protagonist of Juguem.